In 2014, I discovered that I could draw spirits by letting go of my own thoughts and letting my pencil move on its own. I drew this portrait in the back row of Debbie Hamilton‘s mediumship demonstration. After her readings, she invited me to show what I had done. One of her participants asked permission to photograph my drawing, and she emailed it to her two brothers without telling them how she got it. They both said, “Who drew the picture of Dad?” Later she sent the photograph for verification.

That started me on a journey that led to becoming a Certified Medium with Dr. Anne Reith’s IMPART training.


141125JaneAnnsGrandfather72dpiThe drawing on the right was a private reading where I felt that this man was a farmer somewhere in the middle of the country. I felt that pigs were raised on the farm, and the family was enjoying a ham dinner. All that was verified, and the drawing, while a little less formal, was recognized as the client’s grandfather.



The young girl in the photograph at left was present (as an adult) at the group reading, and her father in spirit visited to give her evidence through my drawing that he still existed. He showed himself as older in the drawing, but my favorite part of the drawing is his raised eyebrow! She revealed that his name was Nikolai.


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