140830SpiritPortrait1revised3x3I am a Spirit Portrait Artist and IMPART Certified Medium. Your departed friends and family want to assure you that their consciousness and memories of their time with you on Earth continues forever. As proof of their continued existence, they may choose to communicate their likeness in order to comfort you and help with your healing. Using clairsentience and clairaudience to receive messages from your deceased loved one, I connect energetically and create realistic pencil drawings of them by channeling their energy. They may give me messages and evidential facts, and if a photograph is found, the likeness can be verified.

IMPARTCertBadgeMediumStarburst9-18-13Private readings are 30 minutes for $75 at the beautiful IMPART Center in Santa Ana. Please check my calendar for open dates and times, and contact me to book your special private reading!

Impart Wisdom & Wellness Center
540 N. Golden Circle Drive, Suite #108
Santa Ana, California 92705